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Us Navy Records

Buddy Ebsen (actor). Joined the US Coast Guard in 1941, and was given the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. This wartime rank was one step up from the rank of Ensign, the usual rank given newly appointed naval officers in peacetime. Ebsen served as damage control officer and later as executive officer on the Coast Guard-manned Navy frigate USS Pocatello, which recorded weather at its “weather station” These patrols consisted of 30 days at sea, followed by 10 days in port in Seattle.

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LOOK: Her Job Is Much, Much Cooler Than Ours

Sunita Williams holds the record for the longest space flight by a women, number of spacewalks for a female, and most spacewalk time. Sunita Williams is the only women to be commander of the International Space Station and is a U.S. Navy veteran.


Reel to Reel Player/Recorder. While in the Navy. my brother sent a stereo & recorder like this home. We thought it was so exotic!


PO3 Julius Bradley Hughes US Navy USS FORRESTAL KIA July 29 1967 Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam, explosion and fire on deck +++you are not forgotten +++born March 15, 1946 , Home of record Irwin PENNSYLVANIA, Honored Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington DC Panel 24E line 28 ... Some Gave All


PO2 Calvin Daniel Howison US Navy USS FORRESTAL VF -11 , CVW-17 . TF-77, 7th Fleet KIA July 29,1967 Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam, explosion and fire on deck, +++you are not forgotten +++born May 22 1935 , Home of Record Seagoville TEXAS , Honored Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington DC ..Panel 24E line 28 ..Some Gave All

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Navy Blue Wedding Garter Set - Embellished w/ Small Crystal Embellishment - Toss Garter Included - Plus Size Too


Airman Apprentice Phillip Lonnie Hudson US Navy USS FORRESTAL TF 77 , 7th Fleet KIA August 2 1967 ( incident date July 29 1967 ) explosion and fire on deck, Gulf of Tonkin VIETNAM +++you are not forgotten +++born August 11,1946 , Home of Record St LOUIS MISSOURI, Honored Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington DC ...Panel 24E line 67 ...Some Gave All

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5 Fashion Forward Tips On Wearing A Cardigan

Since the cooler weather is upon us, many of us will be breaking out the cardigans from our closets. Personally, I love wearing cardigans. They can be such a cute addition to an outfit and can really pull a whole look …