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US PUNITIVE EXPEDITION, 1916 1st Lieutenant, 7th Cavalry Regiment This figure wears a typical uniform for US officers during the border fighting. The M1911 “olive drab” Montana-peaked hat has officers’ black and gold cords with two acorn tassels. His wool pullover campaign shirt in a similar shade has four dark brown buttons on the placket, and bears his rank bars on the collar; he chooses not to wear the black necktie. His wool riding trousers are a rather darker “olive drab” shade. He is…

He was called "the black baron" not because he epitomized the powers of evil, though this was how he was perceived by the Reds. Simply, like any dashing rider, baron Pyotr Wrangel wore a long, black, open fronted cherkesska coats with narrow bullet pockets and a black Cossack hat (swapping them for white ones on special occasions). The lyrics of a well-known revolutionary song going back to the times of the Civil war "White Army and Black baron are getting ready for us the tsar's throne…

US Enlisted Man's Dress Hat, Familiarly Known as the "Hardee" Hat, this Scarce Piece of US Enlisted Regulation Headgear Was Worn by Many Units During the Civil War and Made Famous by The "Black Hats" of the Renowned Iron Brigade.


Jimmy Doolittle was one of the great aviation pioneers of the 1920s and 1930s. He was the first to make a "blind" flight and only only winner of the Schneider, Bendix, and Thompson Trophy competitions, considered by many the most important races of the era. He was America's greatest air racing pilot, an aeronautical engineer, fearless test pilot and a national hero of World War II.


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