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Wow, Azula really does look like Ursa <--she is as beautiful as her mother but as arrogent as her father

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The Search/Avatar the Last Airbender: OMFG THIS JUST BLEW MY MIND!!!!

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Mother and Daughter _ Ursa x Azula by *kelly1412 : "A piece for Mother's Day."; a very emotional piece

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Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra: Mother-Daughter Relationships.

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by banafria: I just read The Search. Wish there was more Azula & Ursa :( It ended so abruptly!

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Zuko, his Daughter, and turtle ducks <3 from avatar lol I didn't know he had a daughter and no idea what turtle ducks are hehe

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I'm glad she told Azula goodbye. I just wonder if she had been awake when Ursa left would she turn out as bad as she did.

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