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Josie Earp - Wyatt Earp's common law wife and the reason Wyatt attended Seder at Passover and is buried in a Jewish Cemetery. Description from I searched for this on


On January 10, 1870: In Lamar, Missouri, Wyatt married Urilla Sutherland, who died of typhoid fever a year later, while pregnant with their child.


Urilla Sutherland was married to Wyatt Earp on January 10, 1870. She was pregnant and about to deliver their first child when she died from typhoid fever later that year. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Wyatt Earp: Born March 19, 1848 to Nicholas and Virginia Earp in Monmouth, Illinois, Died January 13, 1929 in Los Angeles, California, Occupations were gambler, lawman, buffalo hunter, saloon keeper, gold/copper miner and barber, Married Urilla Sutherland on January 10, 1870-1870 she died then he had 2 common law wifes, Known for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.