Upright Bike Running Workouts will help you maintain your cardio fitness and some of your running muscles while you are injured! Consult with a doctor first. More coaching and information at Suzlyfe.com @suzlyfe

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Orbit Magnetic Upright Bike - OBK794 Great sturdy compact bike with everything you require. HANDLE BAR PULSE MONITOR Pulse rate monitoring is the most efficient way to get the very best out of every ride. This easy to use system is at the touch of your hands. Adjustable handlebars for maximized user comfort. Technical Specifications: - Usage: Domestic For more info visit: http://www.gymandfitness.com.au/orbit-magnetic-upright-bike-obk794.html

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Have to have it. Body Rider 3 in 1 Trio Trainer - Elliptical/Recumbent Bike/Upright Bike - $329.98 @hayneedle

Recumbent versus Upright Exercise Bike Infographic. If you don't know which bike to use at the gym, this will help you decide.

Orbit Deluxe Programmable Upright Bike - OBK8718 This Deluxe Upright Bike gives a smooth, reliable and constant performance due to the combination of the 7kg Fly Wheel and outer magnetic system. Specifications - ADJUSTABLE COMFORT SEAT: Accommodates users of all heights. The seat glides seamlessly up and down, back and forth to customise your most comfortable position. For more info visit: http://www.gymandfitness.com.au/orbit-deluxe-programmable-upright-bike-obk8718.html

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