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Upper Lip Tie and Its Treatment


Frenectomies - Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Snipping (Snipping Frenulums) | For Health and Monetary Benefits - Learn how these issues can lead to Nursing Complications, Tooth Decay, Gapped Teeth, High Palates, Crowding of Teeth, Breathing Complications "Why I, the generally anti medical interventonist mom elected to have minor oral surgery on all 3 kids of mine so far..." NOTE: Covered by most Insurances


Our Journey with Lip and Tongue Tie

Our Journey with Lip and Tongue Tie - Before/After Photo. The photo on the left is an upper lip tie before laser revision. Lip ties can cause breastfeeding problems as well as digestive issues (often resulting in sleep difficulty), jaw misalignment, speech problems, tooth decay, and more.


Balanced breastfeeding. Best read so far re: upper lip ties

Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Pinner said,"Use doTERRA's Lavender essential oil to stop the hiccups. Just inhale or dab a bit under your nose."


Step By Step Guide To Checking For Tongue & Lip Ties

Colic? Reflux? Baby that won't sleep? It may be an undiagnosed tongue/lip tie. Heres a step-by-step guide to identifying them at home.