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Did you ever wonder how an upholsterer gets those decorative studs to line up just so? Probably not, unless you've tried to do it yourself. They aren't like regular nail heads; they are rounded. Th...

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Tutorial: How to Apply Decorative Upholstery Tacks (Straight

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Upholstering tips - how to make your own cardboard tack strips - this was a sort of "Why did I never think of that" kind of thing for me :)

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Tutorial: How to Apply Decorative Upholstery Tacks (Straight

How to apply decorative upholstery tacks perfectly straight and even - just use an old piece of cardboard, a utility knife and a ruler. Brilliant!

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Common Upholstery Techniques

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How to Keep Your Studs In Line (some upholstery advice)

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The Wow Factor: How to update furniture with upholstery tacks

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