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Unveiled Meaning

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Book Review - The Meaning Of Marriage By Timothy & Kathy Keller - Chapter 1- The Secret Of Marriage

The-Meaning-of-Marriage Excellent review and certainly one of the must reads of the summer for me!

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What Would Characters From The Bible Really Look Like? Here's One Photographer's Idea

"I Am Queen." In this realm, a firstborn daughter inherits the throne over any brothers born after her. She is invested with the full rights of a king meaning she is able to pass her name and title to her firstborn child. She rules absolutely and controls the nation and military.

There is no enjoyment like reading! (Write Now Journal) b...

"Your marriage has great purpose! Consider that when you interact and react toward your spouse! Let Christ's love shine brightly through you and your marriage!" -The unveiled wife

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Inspirational Quotes That Will Touch Your Hearts

(RP?) "You mean to tell me that you DONT have my parents held captive and hostage? All this way for nothing?" I yell. They roar with laughter, smacking their clubs. I groaned. "Oh, someone is here, darling." They unveiled my brother, who is rather weak and sensitive. In a cage. (Give credit if reposted, and YES I KNOW ITS LEVI)

The GINA Light Visionary Model by BMW is a concept featuring a flexible fabric skin stretched over an articulated metal frame, meaning the car can change shape. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12. Developed by BMW Group Design and unveiled yesterday, the concept is More

The Nativity~24 beautifully illustrated paintings by Lewis Lavoie with a video, unveiling a surprise image representing the true meaning of Christmas. Source: Mural Mosaic