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This mixture for massage is prepared with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (you can use sea water, if you want). All you need is 10 spoons of salt and 20 s

Cervical osteochondrosis is difficult. However, it can be treated. I suggest you try a very interesting recipe. After its application, you will not feel pain for several years. It is a mixture for massage that is prepared of with unrefined vegetable oil and salt (you can use sea water). Medicated mixture is prepared once for…

#lacto-Fermented #cranberry #pickles Besides beautiful, fun, delicious, and good for conversation at the table these ruby pickles (that pack a pucker) will arm you with digestive enzymes to enjoy your meal more. Add these #pickledcranberries, whole or lightly chopped, to anything that you want to add color and zing to—salad, coleslaw, yep even sauerkraut. Really. When you add the brine these petite red pickles will bob to the top of the liquid. It is important to make sure that you follow…


A Guide to Choosing Healthy Salt -

Natural, unrefined sea salt is a vital nutrient for health and it is the commercial, highly processed salts that pose health risks. Choose unrefined sea salt like Celtic Sea Salt or Redmond’s Real Salt which contain other essential minerals not found in table salt. Himalayan Pink Salt, Grey salts and other artisan, unrefined sea salts are a beneficial addition the diet.


Piran Unrefined Sea Salt DOP from Slovenia by Soline

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Make sure Sea Salt is non-Refined - The ocean is allowed to flood huge, flat, shallow, beds and then the dam is closed to trap the water. The water is then naturally evaporated by the sun & this leaves a layer of sea salt. Dirty brown salt is on the bottom and pretty white salt at the top. Since most people are used to white salt, they just skim off the top white salt & call it "sea salt". UNFORTUNATELY, the trace minerals are mostly in the brown stuff at the bottom.