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University Of The Assumption

The National Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos is located in St. Mary’s Assumption Church, the first German Catholic Church in New Orleans and in the state of Louisiana.

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Tell me you are conservative. Tell me you are Christian. Tell me you are Republican. Tell me any of these things, and I won't make too many assumptions about you. Sure, I may assume you go to church every Sunday, eat red meat, and get most of your...

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Jan 5 Why the U of Alabama is the best college on earth (According to Sarah)

I can see this as a PSU room, or for my daughter as a Emporia State, or Pittsburgh Penguins.

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ISHI INDIAN... in 1911 he was mistakenly characterized as the “last of a Stone Age tribe”. These assumptions caused him to be brought to the University of California, Museum of Anthropology as a research subject. Despite his close friendship with Kroeber, at death, his remains were subjected to the indignity of an autopsy. His brain was removed in the interests of science.It disappeared for 83 years and resurfaced in a glass jar on on a Smithsonian Institute shelf in 1999.

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Mistakes To Avoid In College Classes

We can all get distracted by the seemingly amazing social interactions on campus. From parties to clubs to university sponsored activities we have more than just school work to do. How do I best manage and balance the best of both worlds?

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5 Stern Truths You Need to Know Before Becoming an

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