The project explores how prehistoric people dressed and expressed creativity and identity through pottery, metalwork and textiles during the period 1800-500 BC. University of Southampton archaeologist Dr Jo Sofaer, who is leading CinBA, says: “I’m interested in finding out what drove Bronze Age people to make the leap from clothing which was purely functional – to using clothes, along with metalwork and accessories, as a form of expression.

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Welcome to the rabbit hole! Click for an online archive of the collection of Richard Rutt [author of the great "History of Hand Knitting"]. He donated his entire collection of rare old knitting books to the University of Southampton, which is digitising them and posting them AT THE LINK.

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University of Southampton Agincourt Project.

Perfil personal y profesional. Experiencia profesional en el extranjero.

University of Southampton embarks on 3D Printing Fiber Optics #3dprinting #technology

The ‘choosy uterus’: new insight into why embryos do not implant. Led by Nick Macklon, Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the University of Southampton and Professor Jan Brosens at the University of Warwick, the research has shown that if the embryo quality is poor, the endometrium will subdue a large number of the genes involved in determining whether the embryo is accepted.

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