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Large number of dwarf galaxies discovered in the early universe UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE 11/25/16 Astronomy Now Massive cluster of galaxies Abell 1689 creates a strong gravitational effect on background and older galaxies, bending and distorting their images into arcs of light: NASA, ESA, B. Siana, and A. Alavi.


1969, Deportivo Coras (Riverside, California) University of California, Riverside Conf: Southwest / Div: West #DeportivoCoras #RiversideCalifornia #NPSL (L8736)


Inspiration from motorcycle club cuts, or vests, and their assorted, colorful club colors, or patches, that represent a unique form of American folk art embodying the freedom and nonconformity of bikers... - Collected by famed artist and rider Jeff Decker, Hell’s Union: Motorcycle Club Cuts as American Folk Art is an exhibition at the University of California Riverside ARTSblock