By Theodore Shoebat Russia, in order to fight against the homosexual tyranny that is plaguing the entire Western world, has created its own flag in pride of the family and the natural order: According to one Russian report: Russia’s ruling political party has designed a “heterosexual flag” to honor traditional family values, the Izvestia newspaper …

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Dmitry Medvedev has been reelected as chairman of parliamentary majority party United Russia. Other senior leaders of the party also retained their posts and State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin joined its Supreme Council.

Russians who practice female genital mutilation (FGM) could face ten years imprisonment under a new bill. The bill says that FGM has no place in a civilized society and was presented to parliament by United Russia deputy Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs.

"For a united Russia". Russian White Forces propagandist poster representing the Bolsheviks as a fell dragon and the White Cause as a crusading knight. 1919

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The Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, May 1896. Last Tsar to win the throne of a united USSR(Russia)

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Russia's leading pollster declared 'foreign agent'

Russia Unveils “STRAIGHT” Flag In Response to LGBT Rainbow Flag Complete with its own hashtag #realfamily (in Russian) and featuring the typical family of a father, mother and three children, Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party has unveiled a ‘straight flag’ in an effort to counteract the rainbow flag ...

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA - DECEMBER 12: Supporters of Vladimir Putin's United Russia's Party along with activists of the pro-Kremlin youth movement Young Guard of United Russia rally in support of the results of December 4 parliamentary election at Mamezhnaya Square just outside of Kremlin December 12, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. Protests took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg this week amid allegations from both domestic critics and international observers that the recent Duma Elections were rigged…

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