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Jordan, Cuban, Leonsis Put Millions on Sports Betting's Future

Bloomberg article about big names getting on board with a new sports app...Click the sign up button for more info now.


The new sports app allows you to play live with your favorite team and they are releasing it through the public? You have to see how this thing works!

WHO is yelling at the game making coaching calls?! I NEED to talk with you! Think you're a better armchair qb than your buddies? Let me show you how you can prove it.


Why just WATCH your favorite team play when you can get in the game and INTERACT with it as you watch? �Have you ever been WATCHING a game and you KNEW what was going to happen NEXT? �Have you ever said "I called that!...I told you he was going to score!!" �Well here's your chance to PROVE it! �CALL the plays BEFORE they happen �Earn POINTS as you PLAY �Points get you PRIZES �Get OFF the BENCH �PLAY!


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