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Union States and Confederate States. Mama was confederate and daddy was union, good thing the war was over by then.

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Map of the division of the states during the Civil War. Blue represents Union states, including those admitted during the war; light blue represents Union states which permitted slavery (border states); red represents Confederate states. White or unshaded areas were territories before or during the Civil War

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European Union states full flags

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The United States During the Civil War | Union, Confederate and Border States and Territories

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The Union Oyster House

Ye Olde Union Oyster House in Boston is one of the oldest restaurants in the United States serving diners since 1826.

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North And South Civil War | map The Civil War's Famous Places American Civil War North and South ( this map is interesting. The mason Dixon line is close to the MD/PA line but this map shows MD as a union state)

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Youth joblessness in Italy stands at more than 36 percent and tops 18 percent among the 28 European Union states

The Most Famous Book Set In Every State

The most famous book set in every state.... Why, oh why, did WA get stuck with Twilight?!

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Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor

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Front Cover Space Race in TIME During the Cold War the Soviet Union and the United States were competing in everything

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