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** "Unicorns remind us of who we truly are. While angels work through the Heart, unicorns work with the Soul. Their horn can be likened to a magic wand, pouring out divine energy. Wherever they direct this light, healing takes place" ~ words by Diana Cooper ♥♥ Blessing of a Unicorn ~ Beautiful Art by Sanne van Kalken

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Is there anything more magical than a unicorn? The answer, to me, is no. Unicorns are pure and beautiful, too pure for this world, really (literally), and they deserve all of the love. Unicorns represent color and magic and aesthetically pleasing vibes, which makes them perfect for a DIY Halloween costume. What makes them even more perfect for a costume is that they literally are not real, meaning you can define them however you want. Want to be a gothic unicorn who shuns color?

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Unicorn Quote, Purple Mint Nursery Art, Watercolor Painting, Purple Mint Kids Room, Nursery Print, Kids Room Decor, Be Yourself Quote by violetandalfie on Etsy

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“Woman, then, stands in patriarchal culture as a signifier for the male other, bound by a symbolic order in which man can live out his fantasies and obsessions through linguistic command by imposing them on the silent image of a woman still tied to her place as the bearer of meaning, not maker of meaning.”— Laura Mulvey, excerpt from “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”

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Sometimes healing means showing up with messy hair and muck all over your damn face. Thug Unicorn

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23 februarie 2015 - Focus on Service "This card comes to you because you’ve been worried about your life’s mission. Perhaps you’ve felt insecure about whether you’ll make enough money, be successful, or be well received by others. Instead of concerns about what you’ll receive or other people’s reactions, focus solely upon how you can serve. Use your natural talents, passions, and interests to help others or some vital cause.

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