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Art by Daniel Dorci -- Some sites on Urutsk seem timeless; older than the architecture and artifice of the Ancients; of a world and time before...

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Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration: Urban Underground Birthday

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The patterns in the flood and the great stone gates intrigue me. Are the makers of these things long dead, making the people in this picture explorers? Or are they still alive and well, a shy people in hiding from these two strangers? Or even better, are

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In the new world, there should be a sort of underground civilization and life, with dwarfs and gnomes and different kinds of people. Anyway, just thoughts. Alexis: I like that idea.

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It seemed that every plant and creature on the surface first began it's life here, underground! As if the hidden underground world was the nursery for the entire world. "How is this possible..." Penelope wondered. (The Art Of Animation)

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