The free space under your stairs can easily be used as a mini homework space, a cozy reading nook, or a fun place to hang out and play, but you’d better get on it before they get too big to fit!

7 Creative Under The Stairs Playrooms

Fresh Chicks Studio: Under Stairs Homework Closet.

Closet turned Homework Station

If you’re having a hard time finding a room in your home to specifically designate as your children’s playroom but you have Christmas decoration riddled closet under your stairs, your problem is completely solved! The area may be small (see: cozy), but …

This Closet-Turned-Playroom is Mom's Best Kept Secret

Playroom and Reading Nook - see how this closet was turned into the ultimate kid zone with a reading nook and fun play area!

Under Stairs Playroom | ... and creative use of space could easily function as a play room too

Under The Stairs – Play Rooms and Reading Nooks