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Unconditional love means withdrawing your attention from the conditions that prevent love. Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ3183) #love unconditional

Unconditional Love! That's what's so beautiful about a dog. It will always love you. They are the most loyal living thing. They will never be like the people in this world. I love my Mila girl...

at the end of the day, you are whom I seek to be with, we are always finding ourselves together, know you mean more than anyone else, know there's no one else that I would rather be with.

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17 Quotes That Prove There's No Love Without Commitment

There isn't a word in this world that describes how I felt about you. Love...that comes close enough. I loved you. I accepted all of you. I would've done anything for you. I loved you and I promised to be yours forever, even if you weren't mine. That's ho

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