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Why You Need Umbrella Insurance - The potential damage to your personal finances after getting sued, even if you win the case, can be devastating. Often times, your insurance company will settle a case for you, but you could quickly find your rates rising or your coverage being canceled altogether. One way to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit swamping your liability coverages on your insurance policies and reaching into your own pockets for the rest is to purchase umbrella insurance.

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"Very high levels of arsenic" in top-selling wines

Lawsuit claims high levels of arsenic found in some California-made wines - CBS News ... the article also mentioned apple juice and rice, I have no personal knowledge of any of this, but I think it's worth looking into


What Is Umbrella Insurance - Do I Need a Policy?,4272ab08-6634-21fc-bfc4-35f4b6cd00f0


Like an umbrella on a sunny day, an umbrella insurance policy is something you don’t expect to use. But, also like an umbrella, it’s much better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


In the case of major accidents or incidents on your property, you might find you need a whole lot more than what your home insurance policy can offer.


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