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The Truth About Delayed Cord Clamping

Delayed Cord Clamping is the practice of postponing cutting a newborn's umbilical cord instead of immediately cutting it after birth. To some, delayed cord clamping may seem like a "crunchy" thing to do or one of those "birthing fads" but if you think about it, delayed cord clamping was normal protocol long before women could be even considered crunchy. In fact, humans are the only mammals that immediately cut the cord after birth. Dogs, cats, horses, elephants, etc. a

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Natural childbirth and homebirth advocates get very excited about umbilical cords, specifically nuchal (neck) cords, the medical term for an umbilical cord that gets wrapped around the baby's neck....

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What Happens if the Cord Wraps Around the Baby's Neck?

Read about the steps to cutting the umbilical cord. How to care for a newborn's umbilical cord, from cutting the cord to when the cord falls off!


Clamping Umbilical Cords Umbilical cords…most people know very little about them. They probably know that they used to have one…and probably know that it made their belly button. They may know that it was once attached to a placenta…but beyond that, most people can’t understand why I admire umbilical cords.