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Green & Amber

Green & Amber: Bring together East & West in the form of Scotch whisky and Japanese green tea.


I like GOOD liquor IF i drink. I enjoy it every so often, but dislike the obvious aging in my face after doing so. So if I limit myself to 1 maybe 2 drinks then I want the real deal. Enjoy!


The Ultimat Peach Punch Cocktail Ingredients for 1 Drink • 1½ Ounce Ultimat Vodka • Splash of peach schnapps • Ice cubes • Peach sorbet • Lime juice • Peach-flavored sugar • Fresh peach slices for garnish Preparation 1. Pour Ultimat Vodka into a blender. Add a splash of schnapps, sorbet, and ice cubes. Pour into a serving glass rimmed with peach sugar. 2. Garnish with peach slices. (This Pin has the recipe on it so u don't have to scroll down forever on the website!)


Ultimat Dill

The Ultimat Dill 2 Cucumber slices 1 Dill sprig 1 oz Lime juice 2 oz Ultimat Vodka .5 oz Agave nectar Garnish: Cucumber slice Glass: Rocks