I read lots of articles about punching and the jury still seems to be out on whether punching is advisable or not in a self defence situation. Generally speaking if you have not taken time to condition your hands to impact, perhaps on a heavy bag or some kind of strike pad, then punching is not your best option in a fight.

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Figure 1 The PBSS utilized in a distal ulna fracture.

Anatomy of the hand! Repinned by ottoolkit.com your source for geriatric occupational therapy resources.

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radius and ulna fracture (very similar to Jared's)

"Dawg," a 3-year-old English setter mix, came into the hospital two weeks ago after being hit by a car. She was diagnosed with a left radius and ulna fracture. Her fracture repair was the first surgery performed in our new facility. She has since returned for her first bandage change and is doing excellent!

Kate has a lot of knowledge about homeopathy and some pretty extreme experiences with it which probably weren’t fun at the time but they’re fun to talk about now that everything turned out well.…

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Monteggia fracture-dislocations comprise of a fracture of the ulna shaft and dislocation of the radial head. The ulna fracture is usually very obvious whereas the radial head dislocation can be overlooked, with potentially serious functional and medico-legal ramifications. http://radiopaedia.org/articles/monteggia-fracture-dislocation

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