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Uk Eu Referendum Poll

Image copyright Getty Images The presidential election result came as a shock to people who had been looking for guidance from opinion polls. Just like at the 2015 UK general election and the EU referendum, the outcome was different from what most polls had suggested. So should we give up on th

How Likely is a Brexit and How Much Would it Impact the GBP? We ask David Morrison, Market Analyst at Spread Co A brexit is looking much more likely than it was a month ago. Many figure heads have been condemned for airing their views on how the people of the UK should vote in the referendum, which threatens not only financial stability in the UK but the entire global economy. #brexit #uk eu referendum

Over half of Brits want to leave EU, ‘out’ campaign poll shows — RT UK

The Americans' guide to understanding Brexit: your questions answered

brexitThe Americans' guide to understanding Brexit: your questions answered | "The Guardian US asked for questions from American readers on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Here are some of your questions, plus a few from the Guardian US staff, and our answers." #Brexit #UK #EU #referendum

UK EU referendum 2016: Britain to decide European Union future in crunch Brexit vote

5 reasons why Americans should care about Brexit -

Britain's vote to leave the EU is historic and world-changing. But what does it really mean for folks living on the other side of the Atlantic? Potentially, everything.