Uk eu referendum poll

UK EU referendum 2016: Britain to decide European Union future in crunch Brexit vote

Brexit Vote: What will happen to the Sterling? What could the Brexit Vote Mean for your Investments? We ask David Morrison, Market Analyst at Spread Co What are the BIG risks? Brexit Opinion Polls. Opinion Polls on UK Referendum.The warnings. What will the impact be on YOUR portfolio? DOOMSDAY - Will everyone sell? Will companies pack up and leave? What will happen to the Sterling?

We believe it’s also reasonable to apply the same long-term thinking to other markets and to other macro events, such as Britain’s planned exit from the EU and leadership elections elsewhere in Europe. No-one knew the outcome of the US election or EU referendum before they happened, despite what the opinion polls were saying at the time.

Were you one of the 48% who voted against leaving the #EU ?Tell the world /country/continent your preference and say it with pride. Long-lasting print on 185 gsm Gildan , Re... #election #vote #politics #voting #polling #eu #europe #referendum #uk ➡️

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