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This picture depicts what all of us should know, and feel.The thing is, LIFE brings with it hurts that are so blinding to us , we forget who we really are and who God wants us to be. The core of us never changes. Its the outer shell that gets damaged. But there is hope. No matter how we find ourselves TODAY, we can , with Gods help, become who He created us to be . Karolyn April 11, 2013


The story of becoming beautiful isn't about the ugly duckling becoming a swan; it is about the ugly duckling realizing it was a swan all along. -Leta Greene


*Ugly Ducklings Will Grow Up As Swans And All Your Scars Will fade; Make Today The Moment You Decide To Grow White Wings And Finally Be Okay. -R.I.D. #Stop #Domestic #Violence


7 easy paper plate crafts to keep kids busy this summer


Patito feo - cisne gris (versión oscura) - bufanda animal de lana afieltrada, robó / encogimiento de hombros

Ugly Duckling transitioning into a Swan. He is still brown-grey, but white feathers begin to emerge revealing a glimpse of his future bold form. Swan is one of the most graceful and epic creatures on the planet. We are proud to be able to breed this stunning bird in our own private animal kingdom here at celapiu. Grey Swan in details: ∙ he is made entirely by hand ∙ fiber content is 100% wool ∙ his length is approximately 90 cm / 35 inches ∙ hes got a special clip that enables you to…