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25 Gifts for Neighbors ~ Mariel's Picks 2013

25 Gifts for Neighbors ~ Mariel's Picks 2013 - Or so she says...


Makeup For Brown Eyed Girls| Step 1: Begin by putting white shadow on the entire eye lid. For the lower eye lid, pick a smoky color. Apply it three quarters of the way. Step 2: Make the color darker by adding layers on top. Using a darker color, add this to intensify the look. Step 3: Paying particular attention to the crease, continue to layer the shadow on thickly to achieve the dramatic effect.


Ok guys so I'm going to do this a little different then usual! This time I want YOU to pick some numbers and answer them so I can get to know you guys better! Answer as many as you want!(: -E


10 Things You Should Never Do on a Road Trip

There’s no better time to hit the road, Jack, thanks to advanced GPS systems, more efficient cars, improved roads and highways, and cheaper fuel (for now!


First pick for IG folks! This is a handmade 1inch cocktail ring made of vintage brass parts. Its fully adjustable to fit you. $30 including shipping to the U.S. First person to message me with their email for an invoice takes all! #cocktailring #picoftheday #handmadelife #brassjewelry #upcycledart #bohojewelry #accessories #handmadenation #instadaily #makersbiz #wanderlust #creativelife #forsale #gifts #creativegifts #steampunk #steampunkfashion #christmasgifts Steampunk…


MONTEZUMA QUAIL (Cyrtonyx montezumae) - found across Mexico and marginally into the southern United States in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in oak savannas, pine-oak woodlands, scrublands and mixed conifer woodlands. They forage on the ground, digging for bulbs or succulent forbs and sedges, and picking seeds, acorns, fruits and some insects. They nest on the ground, in a structure woven with grass placed under cover. There the female lays 6-12 chalky white eggs.