Tyra Banks...from Victoria Secret model to actress to tv host...and more beautiful than ever!

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Teenagers who are eager to get Married. I first thought this was set up. But it looks like it isn't. Anyway, it isn't this teenage girl or even the boy who worry me the most. It's the narcissists among the audience laughing with this that are so disturbing (and the interviewer too - but the laughing audience most of all). It's like they have no sense of humaneness. Narcissists will always be around but I'll never get used to them. Ever.

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Google Image Result for http://pics.haircutshairstyles.com/img/photos/full/2008-05/tyra_banks_with_classy_updo60.jpg

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Tyra Banks Transforms Into Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, And Cara Delevingne These photos are crazy to look at. And while Banks unveiled these three on Twitter, the press release that accompanied them suggests there will be a total of 15.

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