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5 Minute TYover: Fresh Look Tyra Beauty Tyra Banks Cheek in a stick Eyes in a Stick Snack My Fat Lash

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Tyra Banks Makeup Products Line Brand New! Tyra Banks Smack My Fat Lash Mascara Has an Innovative Blue-black Formula That Will Volumize

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'Smack My Fat Lash' Mascara by Tyra

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Tyra Banks on Most Women’s WORST Habit

"Of course, there are certain things that I don’t love about myself. But I don’t harp on them. I don’t beat myself up about it." -- Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks Is Launching Her Own Makeup Line

Your Tyra-approved makeover is THAT much more attainable: Tyra Banks is launching her own makeup line! #InStyle

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One side lengthens, the other volumizes! Two no-smudge, sweat proof quality mascaras in one tube!!

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Tyra explains it all

This is literally the most inspiring thing in the world to me.

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TYRA Beauty

TYRA Beauty via @thedieline

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HSN | Tyra Banks | Smack My Fat Lash

"Love Your Body" Tips from Tyra Banks

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