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My standard recipe, soaking 10 Skittles for every ounce of vodka. It doesn't really matter what type of vodka that you use (because it tastes like Skittles), but I typically use Smirnoff. I soak the Skittles overnight and shake them up at least 3 times during soaking. To strain the Skittles, I use the cheapest coffee filters. 2 filters at a time (stacked on top of each other), but changing them frequently as the gunk starts to collect at the bottom of the filter.

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The Best Vodka Brands, Ranked by Drinkers

Vodka is a very distinct tasting alcohol and one of the best liquors. All vodka must be a minimum of alcohol to be considered vodka by European standards, while mos...

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Eenie, meenie, mynie,, whiskey, or bordeaux? Whatever you choose, our guide to cocktail glasses has you covered! Thanks for hosting us @Sarah Tolzmann!

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If you’re a fan of indulgent, syrupy-sweet chocolate-dipped maraschino cherries, you’re going to love this liquid take on the classic dessert. Two types of chocolate liqueur join forces with cherry vodka and half and half to give the drink a creamy finish.

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Oh my goodness! These sound yummy! I might be trying some of these this summer lol

An Illustrated Guide to All the Blush-Worthy Shots You've Been Afraid to Order

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Purple People Eater Cocktail! A tasty (and creepy!) cocktail that get's it's purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice. |

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Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail

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This had me at Vodka sauce!!! :) I will try this with miracle noodles (shiritiki) instead of pasta for no carb meal. // never heard of shiritiki, but now i'm intrigued...

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Harry Potter- Goblet of Fire cocktail Ingredients: 1 oz vodka 1 oz blue curacao 3 oz lemonade Splash 151 Pinch of cinnamon Directions: Pour vodka, blue curacao, and lemonade into a goblet-type glass Top with a splash of 151 proof rum Light on fire Add the pinch of cinnamon to the flames (cinnamon will spark) *** Blow out flames before consuming! ***

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Skinny Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Martinis

Grab your girls and mix up decadent Skinny Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Martinis! These dairy-free, sugar-free martinis are the perfect drink to serve at your next girls’ night or for Valentine's Day! A combination of cashew milk, vodka, crème de cocoa, agave, strawberries and cocoa powder makes these cocktails to-die-for tasty. Naturally sweetened and dairy free, there's a lot to love about these Skinny Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Martinis.

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