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North Star Rescue's Guide to Pet Rat Cages has tips on space requirements, safety, and includes a break down of some of the best rat cages on the market and what types of rats they are best for.


A particularly erudite and well-read type of rat represents the Book-Rat. Always to be found in libraries, bookshops and/or private bookshelves and often so engrossed in a book to realize the approach of the bookowner that slams the book shut with the Book-Rat inside.

Up close Purchase a copy of the children's book Henry In A Hurry for $15 here:


There are two main types of rats that cause concern in the U.S. The Brown Rat (or common rat) and the Black Rat. Find out more information about these two species of rat on our rat species page. #Rodents #Rats

This hamster bath house / giant bath tub was made with leftover wood dowels, popsicle sticks, and part of an old gift box. Description from I searched for this on


Exactly how Do You Become a Veterinarian? It's the think of many youthful folks ... making use of pets plus conserving lives inside the job. -


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People are so clever! Today I bring you 4 easy DIY rat condos,cages or hutches from modified Ikea furniture. You can, of course, use other furniture too and