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Natural Resources Foldable

Since my unit is Earth's Resources, I would have my students complete this foldable. It is a great activity for them to work on since they must be able to differentiate between man-made and natural resources. They would draw resources, learn the definitions, and list more resources for each of the two categories when completing this assignment. BG

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Natural Resources activity, this would be a good way to have students start thinking about how much around them comes from natural resources.

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Natural Resources Activity (Geology Unit: Fossil Fuels)

Natural Resources! Natural Resources! Natural Resources! Natural resources cootie catchers/ fortune tellers: These natural resources cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about each type of natural resource. These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms on natural resources: Renewable resources, Non-renewable resources, Geothermal energy, Nuclear energy, Hydroelectric energy, Solar energy, Fossil fuels, Wind energy

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This is a matching game to reinforce and review the three types of resources: natural, capital, and human. Students will match specific examples of resources (e.g. chef, hammer, etc ..) to their correct category (e.g. human resource).

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Natural Resources: Earth Science Interactive Notebook

The Earth Science Interactive Notebook: Natural Resources chapter showcase student’s ability to: •Explain the main sources of non-renewable and renewable energy • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of types of energy •Explain why land is considered a resource •Explain why it is important to manage air and water resources wisely •Describe how individuals can help manage energy, land, water, and air resources wisely.

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Natural Resources Sort

This is an excellent worksheet that could be used to asses what the students have learned about resources. It has students sort a word bank of resources in to man made and natural resources and then further into renewable and non-renewable. I would easily be able to use this as a summary assessment of the unit.

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factors of production-economic term for the four categories of resources: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship

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