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Matte, Satin, Dewy, or Sheer.. Know the Different Types of Foundation Finishes & which one is best for your skin type.


The 10 Commandments of Foundation

Foundation application can be tricky, especially considering the different types of foundations and the variety of skin types. These 10 commandments of foundation should always be at the top of your mind when doing your makeup.

What type of coverage do you need? Younique offers several different types of foundation to match with your needs! Which do you like best?

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Does the Type of Foundation Applicator You Use Really Make a Difference?

Does the Type of Foundation Applicator You Use Really Make a Difference?. I tried four of the most popular methods to find out.

Which Type Of Foundation Is Best For You? With the dizzying assortment of foundation formulas out there, it can be difficult to know what’s best for you. Cream, powder, liquid, tinted moisturizer, oil-free, firming — take this quiz to learn (finally!) what face makeup is best for your skin type and issues like dry, oily and sensitive skin.

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