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Camping platform - build it back behind the house. (This is at Harmony Hill on the Olympic peninsula.) Pretty much the same type of forest we got goin' on out back of the house. Except it's more swampy. ...And there's probably more bugs. ...And not really anything resembling a trail. :P

from Life Over Cs

Biome Sorting Mats For Forests

Compare types of forests and the animals that live there with these free printable Forest Biome sorting mats. As your kids learn the different between deciduous forests and rainforests, these sorting mats will be a fun way to learn about the animals that live in those biomes.


Jellyfish of the Forest Orange Umbrella (Marasmius Siccus) mushrooms grow tenuously on woody debris, like a cluster of floating jellyfish. Image via- Give Nature a Hand


The Helmeted Manakin, Antilophia Galeata, is a small species of bird in the Pipridae family, the Manakins. It is found in the cerrado and pantanal of Brazil; also northeast Paraguay and a border region of North East Bolivia. Unlike most other Manakins, it does not occur in regions with humid primary forest (e.g., the Amazon), but is found in various types of forest and woodland in semi-humid or fairly arid regions but commonly near water.


! I do love the rock signs and the color of the leaves are perfect. But to show the unorganized placement of the trees like you did makes this piece perfect!


Follow the class into the Noun Forest, where it rains words! In this episode, kids learn: What are nouns The different types of nouns


Types of Nests - Smoky Bear poster from the U.S. Forestry Service Bird activity, Apologia Flying Creatures #homeschool