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How to Grow Moss

Growing moss is easier than you think and can provide great health benefits. Learn types of moss, and how to grow moss indoors.


Hobgoblin - A dark brown creature who inhabits the forests areas and lives in trees, the Hobgoblin is a solitary fae which enjoys keeping to himself (or herself). This neutral fairy is generally a peaceful fellow and is not aggressive unless provoked. His temper can flare easily so it is wise to try and stay on his good side. They can get especially nasty if their tree is threatened.


Fix-It Fairy: This type of Fae is very crafty at fixing things. U can usually find them N old abandon warehouses or grandfather clocks. Fix-It Fae's do not look like Disney Tinkerbell, they look more like the fairy N the picture above. These types of fairies R very nice, but U don't want 2 anger them, really U don't.


I told Emma that if she memorizes this and sits in the center of the ring of mushrooms we found in the forest near the pond that the fairies just might come and dance around her, holding hands. She is memorizing it as I type this, her little face scrunched and her eyes closed tight as she repeats the words to herself. I warned her that the faeries might be tempted to turn her into a faery herself but the risk doesn't seem to daunt her...


Rustic looking wren birdhouse with Wisconsin or Minnesota license plate roof and whitetail deer antler perch. The hole is 1 1/4 so only wrens, chickadees and nuthatches will fit. NO SPARROWS! The roof is screwed on for easy removal for end of the season clean out. If you would like I can drill the hole bigger so a bluebird can use it. I can also add a hanger wire if desired. Specify if you would rather have a Minnesota plate when making the purchase. I have several other states licens...


DIY: Make garden faerie houses, pixie towers, and toad homes from reclaimed materials

Start attaching-pebbles use hot glue,but if little hands are sticking them down, you can also use a super-strong double-sided tape, such as the type used to lay carpets. It’s entirely up to you how closely you’d like to pack those pebbles, as the grouting you’ll use to finish the effect will fill in any gaps.


FREE 6 Poster Set for teaching the subgenres of Folktales: Fairy Tale, Tall Tale, Fable, Myth, & Legend. Visit my blog for more reading and literature freebies!


MADE TO ORDER - House Brownie - ooak art doll sculpture fairy brownie pixie goblin. €155.00, via Etsy.