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Today’s practice is devoted to body variation. A plethora of well-written essays exist examining the lack of variety in body types in comics, especially concerning female characters. I have noticed that a great many artists tend to develop a personal ideal body type, and use this for all the women they draw.

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Types of Perspective Drawings Explained With Illustrations

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Tuesday Tips - Types of Shots (And What They Say) part 2. More tips and explanations on what different types of camera shots and angles are used for. Have a great Tuesday, everyone. Norm

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5 Types of Erasers Every Artist Should Know About

5 Types of Erasers Every Artist Should Know About (Every single one of these little guys were my best friend when I was still going to design school. Especially kneaded erasers, those things are like gold!)

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A rather unconventional technique for handgun (and debatably, long gun) shooting. You may have seen Sam Fisher use it in the recent Splinter Cell games.

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