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HARUKA KOJIN, CONTACT LENS 2011: "2 types of lenses are used, one completely flat and clear and the other with a warped surface to create interconnected circles of varying sizes. as the light travels through the acrylic, the images on the other side are flipped and contorted."

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#1943 - There are types of contact lenses worn only during sleep that reshape your cornea. After taking them out in the morning, your vision is as good as it would be while normally wearing contacts or glasses. Studies also suggest the lenses slow or stop myopic progression in children

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Most popular red contact lenses from Pinky Paradise. Plenty of reviews from folks who have dark brown eyes and it was their first pair of contacts so...let's try them!

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How to Choose Coloured contact lenses

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I wonder if this is a contact or just a crazy wild iris … regardless of reality or not, its really neat.

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What are cheap colored contacts non-prescription? There are two different types of contact lenses that you can buy today, there are contact lenses...

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