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VMZINC's Structural Roof is a construction system combining a standing seam roofing in VMZ Zinc plus with rigid mineral wool insulation laid on supporting structures in steel, wood or concrete. It's a modular warm roof system for any type of deck (steel sheets, wood, concrete), suitable for low to high hygrometry, that can be used in all types of roof.

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How to Lay a Concrete Floor Over a Gravel Basement

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Gallery of Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust / Belzberg Architects - 19

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The Inn Place by Kevin McGuckin Concrete domes are strong, highly resistant to damage by earthquake, lightning, hurricane, and wind. FEMA rates this type of construction as ‘near-absolute protection’ from F5 tornadoes and Category 5 Hurricanes.

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Types of Nouns in English - Common, Proper, Countable, Uncountable, Concrete, Abstract, Compound and Collective Nouns

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There are amazing architecture projects around the world. Here you can see every type of project, since buildings, to bridges or even other physical structures. Enjoy and see more at

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