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from The Soccer Mom Blog

2-Ingredient “Magic” Coconut Oil Frosting

It really is like magic! ONE coconut oil frosting recipe creates two completely different types of frosting! Super EASY 2-ingredient recipe can be made with white or dark chocolate!

from The Kitchen McCabe

Puple Candied Apples with Tutorial

Alright. You win. After three years of email and requests for the recipe(and my promises…I know, I know) I have finally buckled down and posted it for you. And to try and redeem myself for my slacker ways, how about a picture tutorial? These purple apples would be great for your Halloween parties and events….you...Read More »


Reading Skill: Compare & Contrast --I bought a variety pack of mini Hershey bars for this compare and contrast lesson. Ms. Broome's class compared and contrasted the two different candy wrappers that they were given on a Venn diagram. You can use other types of candy bars too for this activity (m vs. Skittles, Milky Way vs. Almond Joy, etc.)