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How to frame your flat screen TV. This has a two-way mirror inside. When TV is off - it's a mirror. When TV is on - it's a TV

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Man Transforms His Bathroom Mirror into a Hi-Tech Device of the Future

Google engineer Max Braun wanted his ordinary bathroom mirror to look more like the futuristic fixtures you’d see in the movies—the kind that transmit information directly onto the mirror. Though these smart products are not yet on the market, the parts for them are fairly easy to obtain. With this in mind, Braun decided to build his own mirror of the future. The impressive DIY project required both hi-tech and analog materials: a two-way mirror, display panel, controller board, components…

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Double Vision Mirror mounts right over your (up to 42-inch) flat panel TV. When the television is on, the picture comes through the two-way mirror crystal clear. Turned off, it’s a mirror only

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Dashing NYC Studio Apartment gets Two Glamorous Makeovers!

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Looking for a gap between an object and its reflection is one way to distinguish two-way mirrors from ordinary mirrors, but not necessarily the best way.

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A white brick arched mudroom door way opens to red brick floor tiles covered in a red rug placed in front of a built-in white brick bench topped with a full length mirror leaning against a white brick wall between two iron horse coat hooks.

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Such a great idea!! This is a great bird feeder because it sticks to the window (so the children and cats can see the birds up close), and it has a one-way mirror so the birds don't see the cat and the kids! Holds plenty of food.

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