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Are you implementing the Two Sisters CAFE system for teaching and assessing literacy? You need these bright and bold posters and letters to spell out CAFE for your classroom CAFE board!

This file contains documents (inspired by the Two Sisters' CAFE) for managing reading and writing conferences, reading and writing strategy groups,...


Cafe is trademarked by the two sisters who do not endorse or promote this product! Please read their books if you are interested in implementing this program into your classroom. Included are the letters that spell out CAFE. Posters that explain the meaning of the letters in Café.


The delicousness has landed! Best of BC: Two Sisters Cafe, Smithers, BC - our BC Editor tells what to get. YUM!


Friendship Soup (Taco Soup: We think it's more well-liked than stew): 1-2 Pounds Ground Beef (cooked) 3 Cans Stewed or Diced Tomatoes 1 Can Kidney Beans 1 Can Black Beans 1 Can Chili Beans 1 Can Corn 1/2 Package of Taco Seasoning 1/2 Package of Ranch Seasoning Cook through in a crock pot and serve over Fritos and top with grated cheese and sour cream.