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political parties quotes | John Adams On The Two Party System - Prose Before Hos

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Sadly, there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans - they are and have always been, in this together. Everyone in Congress knows what's going on and they have only one objective: To do what is in the best interest of the United States Incorporated, not the American people! Now, you know why the Constitution means NOTHING to them!

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Wasting your vote is what you do when you vote for one of two stale party candidates that you find slightly less repugnant. / GREEN or LIBERTARIAN / Jill Stein or Gary Johnson 2016

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Truth. Just another way to make us buy something to make a corporate company richer. While stepping on the people who give thier hard earned money to a country who abuses them!! American Zombies!

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Vote libertarian. About this pin though...there is a danger of thinking of human action as separate from what you do with your money. They are one in the same.

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Senate Republicans block contraception coverage bill

Republicans routinely vote against women's rights, equality, and health. Vote Democrat 2016!

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This applies to Democrats and Republicans. That's why people need to look beyond the stupid two party system. They are NOT your only choices.

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We need to wake up and stop the left/ right war. Can't you see that the left/ right, conservative/ liberal, democrat/republican two party system was actually designed and put into place by the same monsters trying to destroy us!!!????!!!! It is designed to divide us!! It just puts more labels on people, people that are being led to slaughter and slavery! The two party system is just two arms of the same beast!

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