Twister - The Movie...My favorite movie of all times..even after my house got hit by an I would so love to have this sculpture....

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Insidious - one super scary movie. I prefer horror movies like this one that doesn't resort to all kinds of gore. It just relies on good storytelling.

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Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton - Twister. And some spectacular special effects, which pretty much saved the movie.

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While I am absolutely terrified of tornados, I still totally love this movie

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1996 - Twister -- Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton play scientists pursuing the most destructive weather front to sweep through mid-America's Tornado Alleyin 50 years.♥♥♥

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Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Dusty is arguably the funniest character in any movie ever. | 18 Reasons "Twister" Is Actually A Brilliant Comedy

Awesome idea for a movie night with the kids. Found these at the dollar store to do this weekend with the kids and their cousins for movie night. Also found twister game!

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I watch this movie every Spring. Always thought it would be fun to be a storm chaser.

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