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Never Forget, 9-11-01... Twin towers and statue of liberty...gone but never forgotten...The World Trade Center, NYC..I never got to visit them, but a book about a little girl who ate at Windows on the World restaurant helped urge on a lifelong fascination with and love for New York City.

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Ground Zero. WTC complex, NYC Honoring The Victims following the collapse of #WorldTradeCenter Twin Towers (Two of the 4 Targets of #911) Remembering and Honoring the Heroes of 9-11-2001

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Five dollar bill shows the twin towers, Ten dollar bill shows after the planes…

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The 9/11 Encyclopedia

The Facade Falls The latticework facing of the south tower came tumbling to earth upon impact of the hijacked plane.

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You are witnessing building 7 in free fall on September 11, 2001. /// Okay, just let you know I had to erase some of their claim to make room. They say the bldg 7 collapse was from set explosives. Do I even need to bring up how much work goes into setting up demolition. Structure has to be removed to get to the supports.

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New York - 9/11 ~ Twin Towers, NY, terrorist attack, the day the world changed, smoke, never forget, photo

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911 September 11, 2001 Never Forget Firefighters, Police and the EMS who served so bravely - remembering all of the victims

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