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Main/Implausible Fencing Powers - Television Tropes & Idioms In works where swordplay features, even if the setting is otherwise realistic, one will often find thatMaster Swordsmen will be depicted as being able to perform rather ridiculous feats with their swords. A few common variations include:Defeating opponents with firearms by deflecting/redirecting their bullets with the blade and/or cleaving their weapons with same. May involve Spin to Deflect Stuff.Being able to dodge bullets, close…

Go Out with a Smile - TV Tropes -- Death is rarely a cause for celebration, as it is a permanent goodbye to the world you love. Sometimes, however, the pain of seeing you cry hurts the one who is about to depart more than imminent death itself, and in spite of agonizing pain or being crippled beyond saving, summons up all their courage to sincerely smile one last time for you (or alternatively laughing); a final gesture that beyond all doubt affirms their love for you.


The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 141): Cherie Priest, Jay Lake, Gail Carriger, Paul Di Fillipo, Phillipa Ballantine and Tee Morris Talk Steampunk - SF Signal - SF Signal


Fire elementals instead of engines? Well, I guess you won't have to worry about getting cold up in the atmosphere.


The Periodic Table of Storytelling | This amazing graphic takes some of the thousands of tropes (conventions and devices found within creative works) from the TV Tropes wiki and sets them out in a very creative way. As one commenter said 'Although very tongue-in-cheek and humor-oriented, this piece does indeed breakdown the many elements in storytelling, both modern and ancient, and most likely future too.'