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For more than 25 years the inhabitants of Albert Square have entertained millions of fans from across the globe. From the opening episode where...

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Another World Soap Opera | Soap Opera Party Tom Eplin and Judi Evans Photo By:judie Burstein ...

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I would love to someday have an opportunity to be an extra on the show and meet some of my favorite people/characters from the show,

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Linda Dano as Felicia Gallant, ANOTHER WORLD (1983-1999) & Airline Clerk, ANOTHER WORLD (1976)

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Home and Away - Best Aussie Soap EVAH!!

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Ralph Waite -- June 22, 1928 - Died: February 13, 2014, at his home in Palm Desert, California. Famous from the Walton's and as Father Matt on Days of Our Lives Soap Opera. RIP

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Frances Reid, known for her role as Alice Horton on the TV soap opera "Days of our Lives" since its debut in 1965, died on Feb. 3, 2010, at the age of 95.

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.Anne Heche played good and evil twins Vicky and Marley on the soap opera "Another World" from 1988-1991. Currently, Heche stars in the HBO comedy "Hung."

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Another World Soap Opera | Soap Opera Blog

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George Reinholt (steve frame) and Victoria Wyndham (rachel) Another World 1973.JPG

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