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40 day Bible Reading Plan. I want to try to do this during a 40 day fast. The point being not to study every verse for its intricacies and details but rather to take in the Word and just absorb it and see its majesty from a birds eye view. If something particularly jumps out at me, I'll note it to study in more detail during my bible study times. This daily reading should only take 45 minutes. I think I can sacrifice that much TV Time :)

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A recent study by Rubbermaid found that 63% of Americans have at least two cans of paint stored in their basement or garage. The leftover paint is kept to handle small touch-up jobs, until people move away; but 70 percent of those surveyed say they touch up scuff marks and nicks on painted surfaces just once per year, or less. Rubbermaid Paint Buddy makes it a snap. Just fill the remainder of the paint can into paint Buddy to make the touch ups easy.

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Dog anatomy poster 24" X 36". TV studio just bought several posters for a new show coming out this Fall.

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Young Meteorologist Requirement #8: Watch TV or online weather forecast for a week. Make a table of the weather forecasted and what the actual weather turned out to be. Was the weather person always able to forecast the coming conditions.

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The book: Arthur's TV Trouble to introduce the concept of media literacy. The book is perfect for showing students how media creates a particular message, spin, tools of persuasion, and how to evaluate messages based on our own experiences. Meets Social Studies IRP: Describe ways student us technologies

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Studying some very different cabinetry options and wall treatments for a TV elevation in a client's family room

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Office with wall to wall built-in and desks with black countertops and seagrass desk chairs. Open shelving and hardwood floors.

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And you KNEW it had to happen: Beijing has it's own Central Perk created as a functioning coffee shop and homage to the famous TV show!

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