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Floating Turtle Trap: A high quality sunbathing turtle trap with an aluminum frame that ensnares turtles as they try to sun themselves. This sturdy trap stays afloat by using watertight floats mounted on both sides of the trap. Once deployed, turtles will walk onto the ramp and then fall into the escape proof cage. The water tight vinyl floats along with the rust resistant frame enable the trap to stay afloat longer and can endure greater duress than other brands.

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Turtle Trap, have to tell my little brother this he's trying to find a way to catch them!

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story time: so when I was little, I would literally torture my Barbie dolls,like,I would make all of them hate each other and they would basically murder each other...once I had this Ariel Barbie and i made Belle hate her, so Belle took Ariel, and hung her above the ground by the tail, while smacking her repeatedly. Another time I did this thing where Ken cheated on Barbie, and Barbie pushed the girl that Ken was cheating with down two flights of states, then she stepped on her face and she…

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How to Preserve a Turtle or Tortoise Shell

If you notice a turtle shell without a turtle inside (poor turtle), why not keep the shell as a decorative feature in your home? Here is how to preserve the turtle shell.

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How To Butcher a Rabbit — Whether you’re homesteading or prepping for when SHTF, you are undoubtedly sharpening your hunting., trapping, and foraging skills. Rabbit traps are fairly easy to set up, and these creatures provide an excellent source of protein that will see you through all of your chores.

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