Lahmacun Turkish Pizza recipe (use lamb or beef, and middle eastern spices, then you put on your fav salad ingredients after they're baked...)they are pictured stacked

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Who doesn't love a gooey flat bread? This Cheese Pide - Turkish-style pizza is loaded with delicious mozzarella and feta. You won't resist these guys!

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This has to be one of my favorite Turkish street foods. I got the great opportunity to watch how they are made, not out of choice, I might add! We had ordered 2 of the pizza's at this l...

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Authentic How to make Turkish pizza: tips and a recipe from Efendy's Somer Sivrioglu

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'Pide' sounds like a fancy word,isn't it ? Well this is nothing but a kind of Turkish pizza. Along with other different varieties of bread, pide is also a ve...

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OH MY GOD!!! I had (and LOVED) this when I was studying abroad in Cyprus a few years ago. It is Turkish Lahmacun aka amazing Turkish pizza. Whatever the Turkish side of Nicosia lacked in wealth, it made up in great food and equally wonderful service.

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