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1987: TurboGrafx-16

PC Engine with PC Engine CD, Super System Card, Interface Unit, and Fold-Up Screen (Would kill ~8 people to own...)

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#Repost @8bityarns with @repostapp The first 16bit game I ever played was Blazing Lazers on the Turbografx 16. After playing it and a few other Turbografx games I was all in on that system. I hadn't yet tried anything on the Genesis but I couldn't foresee any reason to change my mind. . Back then in Toronto there was a company called Consumers Distributing that circulated a catalogue every I dunno quarter? Six months? The kids in my area would eagerly anticipate the new catalogue since it…

Lords Of Thunder turbografx 16 gameplay only

Kanye West is Allegedly Naming His Next Album After a Gaming Console -

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