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Composting 101 for citydwellers

DIY compost tumbler ..the guys at the Extension office made these for a test ..they bought used barrels from a surplus store , just be careful what was in the barrels prior to purchase ...made a support , I think theirs had rollers ... drilled holes for air and a door with a latch then filled them up with a mix of wet ,and dry, and turned away ..a bit more than that but it isn't hard...I think that I will make my door a bit larger than this ...just to make it easier ..and do not add meat…


How to make your own compost tumbler. Compost made in a compost maker like this is ready in about four weeks. Make sure that you only fill the barrel about 3/4 full to allow the materials to tumble when you turn it. Also make sure that you wet the material when you add it to the barrel.


Must be done. Current compost bins are attracting vermin and dogs enjoy digging in them too much.


The most well-designed Home-Made Compost Tumbler I've seen. I would add handles, but other than that it's perfect.


Build a Tumbling Composter

One of the keys to successful composting is aeration. Bacteria need oxygen to carry out the aerobic respiration that creates a rich compost. One way to aerate your compost is with a pitchfork or a compost turning tool. This can be an...